Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis

The Regional Andrology Service (RAS) is part of the Regional Fertility Centre (RFC) and provides a semen analysis service for patients across the province.


All patients must be referred for a semen analysis by a GP or other hospital outpatient centre.


If you are asked to have a semen test, we will carry a microscopic examination of the semen to see how many sperm are present and whether they function correctly. The results of this test will indicate whether or not a male factor is involved in your infertility and it aids in decisions about appropriate treatment.


Before your appointment, you will be sent instructions about producing the sample. To ensure an accurate analysis it is important that the sample is produced at the laboratory and a private and discrete room is available in the RFC for this purpose.


If you are referred by the Regional Fertility Centre doctor, you will be informed of the result at your next appointment.


If you are referred by your GP or a hospital outpatient clinic, the results will be sent to the doctor who referred you and they will arrange to give you the results of the test.