Support Groups

Infertility Network UK (I N UK)

I N UK is the UK's leading infertility support network offering information and support to anyone affected by fertility problems. Infertility Network UK aims to ease the feelings of isolation on both an emotional and practical level. Members of Infertility Network UK often say that using their services helps them to cope. I N UK is open to anyone from the day they first think they may have a fertility problem, through investigations, treatment and beyond.

I N UK is a national charity dedicated to those experiencing fertility problems. It offers face-to-face, telephone and website support together with up to date accurate information.

I N UK support groups offer advice, information and understanding in a safe environment. Gruops meet regularly in a number of local venues in Belfast, Craigavon, Derry and Omagh. If you would like more information about your local fertility support group please contact Sharon on 028 9082 5677 or email:

Telephone: 0800 008 7464

More to Life

More to Life is the largest national network dedicated to providing support to those who remain involuntarily childless.

More to Life embraces all of those who are involuntarily childless irrespective of whether they are people who have moved on from treatment, have never had treatment, or indeed people who are perhaps in a relationship where their partner does not want children, or are with someone who has children from a previous relationship and does not want more.

MTL FREE PHONE 0800 008 7464