Sperm Storage Referral

Sperm Storage 

If referring a patient for sperm storage where he is to commence a treatment or procedure which will affect his fertility you must  undertake HIV, hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAG),  hepatitis B core antigen antibody ( anti-HBc) & hepatitis  C screening tests on the patient and submit copies of the results with the referral.

So as to avoid any unnecessary delay, distress or discomfort to the patient we are unable to process any referal if the results of the screening blood tests are not submitted with the referral.

You should provide the patients full details, including a contact number for the patient so we can arrange the appointment in a timely manner.

In cases where the patient is about to commence chemotherapy treatment or surgery and the appointment for storage is required urgently you may fax the referral and results to the Regional Fertility Centre.

Where the referral is routine and storage is not urgent, a referral should be submitted in writing by post to the Regional Fertility Centre.

To obtain a referral form  click here  or contact us on 028 9063 5888 ( option 1)

Click for patient information leaflet on sperm storage.

Egg storage

The RFC can provide consultation for female patients prior to commencing chemotherapy treatment or a procedure which will affect her fertility.