Sperm Storage

The Regional Fertility Centre offers a service where sperm samples are stored for patients who are about to undergo a treatment or procedure which may affect their fertility in the long term such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy or certain types of surgery.


If this service is required, the doctor supervising their treatment refers patients to the service. An appointment will be arranged for them to be seen quickly at the Regional Fertility Centre.

Before sperm samples are placed in storage, we must be sure that the patient does not carry HIV or hepatitis. Blood tests are carried out before the patient attends (this is arranged by the referring doctor). This ensures that everyone whose samples are placed in storage can be assured that their samples are being stored alongside only samples from other patients screened for such viruses. These sperm samples may be stored for up to fifty-five years.

On attending the clinic, the patient will meet with a doctor to explain the process and complete the necessary consent forms.

From each sample that is produced, we hope to be able to place several small sperm samples in storage. These can be held for future use.

At the time when the sample is stored, some patients name a partner with whom they intend to use the sperm: not everyone is in this position and we will still store samples for people without any current partner.

Any consent signed may be withdrawn or amended at any time should circumstances change.

It is important that such long term storage of sperm is seen as an insurance measure: we hope that fertility will not be affected however it is good to have the back up of stored samples should they be required.