Sperm Donation

For some people treatment with sperm, eggs or embryos donated by others is their only hope of achieving a pregnancy and ultimately a family.


Unfortunately, there is a shortage of egg and sperm donors in the UK and this can result in patients waiting a longer time before they can be treated.

Your donation of sperm to help a couple have a child is one of the most generous gifts anyone can give.


Donors feel a sense of pride, knowing the joy they have brought to people who could not have otherwise become parents.


If after reading this information about sperm donation you would like to consider becoming a donor, please contact: 


Dr Deborah Lutton, Principal Embryologist 
Regional Fertility Centre
Belfast HSC Trust
Grosvenor Road
Belfast  BT12 6BA

Or email:




We will send you an information pack that includes information about being a sperm donor.

 For more information about donating sperm visit the National Gamete Donation Trust website