Egg & Embryo Donation

Egg Donation

For some women treatment, using eggs donates from others is the only treatment option available to them. Some women have become sterile due to surgery or chemotherapy treatment for cancer, some may have undergone an early menopause or have some other hormonal condition and some may carry a genetic condition which is passed on by females.

Egg donation may be by a known donor, such as a friend or a family member, or anonymously by someone wishing to donate eggs. Sadly we do not have a bank of donors but will advise and assist with recruitment of someone who may be able to help. Our Donation Coordinator will be happy to discuss this with you and may be contacted at 028 9063 5863 /

Embryo Donation

For some couples who have both an egg and a sperm problem, treatment using embryos (fertilised eggs) from another couple may be the only appropriate treatment option for them.

A couple who have had treatment at the RFC and have stored embryos which they no longer intend to use in treatment, may consider donating embryos to another couple.   

To find out more about donating eggs or embryos, or if you know you need donated eggs for treatment contact the Ovum Donor Co-ordinator, Alison McKee 028 9063 5863 /

 To find out more about egg or embryo donation visit the National Gamete Donation Trust website